Chalmers and Gothenburg

Chalmers University of Technology, Chalmers tekniska högskola in Swedish,so I’ll just call it CTH for short.

Last time I wrote travel notes, I was assigned on a trip to Taiwan. I wrote down everything in strict order of time. Six months later I realized how funny it was, and I have never written any travel notes, until today.

So, um, I will try to write like an adult.

I’ll try. :)

How is Sweden?

Well, hard to say since I was there for only a week.

Air is pretty good, though. Mom put 20 packs of tissue in my luggage because of my allergic rhinitis, and I came home with 19 of them. :)

What have you seen?

I had the previlege to see:

Notion of education in CTH

I have to say that CTH had prepared a lot for us in this trip.

Five days in CTH, I had the opportunities to

that’s not all because I have bad memory. = =

The notion of education in CTH is inseparable with one word: sustainability.

This university has student group just about sustainability; their research projects are closly tied with industries and try to make the city more sustainable. Many programs in CTH have “sustainability” in their names. Dustbins on campus use solar energy to compress the trash, which is really impressive. In my opinion, CTH is a small experimental plot where experiments about future are being carried out. The outcome may be applied to Gothenburg, and aiming to be applied by the whole world. Great accomplishments are being nurtured here, quietly.

Science Park

The way the city of Gothenburg works

First impression Gothenburg left on me: “What? No traffic jam???”

Gothenburg is a city near the sea with a population of 500,000 people. Public transportation is composed of trams and buses. For there are rails on the road, it’s nearly impossible to dig the road in order to contrust something else, which, believe me, is a common thing in Wuhan. City’s traffic is in order, just like a mapping to the way this city work – small and sophisticated, everything runs in coordination.


You can see Gothenburg’s sustainability through her natural and human landscape. I am not good at describing scenery at all, especially in English, so I am just gonna demonstrate my points via photos. By the way, we seemed to be lucky enough to meet the finest weather in Gothenburg. That’s right, everybody in Gothenburg said that. = =

inside Göteborgs Universitet

Göteborgs botaniska trädgård

Campus Lindholmen

What have you gained?

I got answers to that question on the first day I met with the everybody. Becoming good friends with a group of people coming from different cultural and academic backgrounds is totally awesome.

I didn’t mention it above, but it’s a big part of CTH: different cultures. Students from over 70 countries study together in CTH. They get to know how people from different cultures think, so they can broaden their own train of thought. Thus, you can play with buddies from all over the world and that’s pretty cool.

Being 19 yrs old, I am the youngest among seven winners. Other guys are either finishing their bachelor or already working. Jovita and Kelvin, elite architect and civil engineer who I envy because I wanted to study architecture in the first place. Guilherme and Sridharan, both smart guys and funny as well. Yuying, promising future with plenty possibilities waiting for her. Noor, the super brainiac from MIT, probably the most clever person I have ever met. It was the first time that I had the chance to chat with people from so many different countries. A totally new experience!

Chalmers Groupie

Student ambassadors are very, very enthusiastic. They made me feel at home. Yuxi, Chang, Anali, Patricia, Aksa, Daphne, Mrina, Akshay, Emma. They are all really nice people (That’s right, I am good at remembering names now, hah). They were busy, but they came joining us as soon as they had some free time. And I’m sure they are not doing it for the free lunch, just kidding.

Restaurant Groupie

And I must mention Abhi. Absolutely a great leader and organizer. Extremely funny guy who always cracked us up (come on, I laughed all the time…). His department and the University should feel lucky to have a guy like Abhi. I mean it.

There is an idiom in China “井底之蛙” meaning “the frog in the pit”. I never thought that word had anything to do with me. But after some time with those guys, I feel like a frog. I thought I knew much but I actually knew little. Those guys are outstanding talent from respective culture and academic field. They show me the beauty of multi-culture. They made me jump out of that pit and see the bigger picture. Trying to break through limitation, thinking on the international level and learning from different cultures. These are probably reasons CTH recruits talent from all over the world.

Rock Groupie

Cafe Groupie

Anything more?

Much gratitude to everyone who has made this trip possible and fantasic indeed.

Hopefully I may visit Gothenburg again someday.

In the meantime, if you are interested in sustainability and multicultural atmosphere, CTH is the place to be.